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Describes the background of our company as well as our principles and strategies in business development.

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PT. Kastara Group Indonesia

Established in 2022, Kastara Group Indonesia is a group of company from indonesia doing both a manufacturing and trading enterprise specializing in the trade of briquette charcoal and biomass energy products sourced from Indonesia. Our main focus lies in the distribution of export quality charcoal briquettes and various types of wood pellet products but is not limited to trading in other agricultural products. The inception of our company stemmed from a deep-rooted environmental ethos, advocating for the utilization of renewable energy sources like biomass, particularly from coconut waste to address pressing energy and climate concerns.

Presently, our trusted partner manufacturer to produce our charcoal standard is having state-of-the-art facility spanning 3000 square meters is located in Jombang, East Java-Indonesia. Equipped with high production lines, we boast an average monthly output of 100 tons or approximately 2-3 Container 20", ensuring a steady and reliable supply of top-notch coconut charcoal briquettes and wood pellets. Central to our operational philosophy is an unwaverin commitment to professionalism, punctuality, and adherence to stringent quality and safety to meet our customer standards.

In essence, Kastara Group Indonesia is dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business operations, prioritizing quality and sustainability with our customers and partners as the cornerstones of our mission.


Our Vision

To emerge as a key player on a global scale in the trade of briquette charcoal industry, offering top-notch products and services through sustained innovation, operational efficiency, and strong partnerships aimed at driving sustainable economic growth and delivering significant value to both society and the environment.

Our Mission


Quality and Quantity

Maintain and improve our briquette production to meet our client standard with optimal quality and quantity.



Become an expertise exporter and helping indonesian local farmers to get decent life.



Maintain and ensuring that our supply chain runs smoothly and efficiently, enabling us to provide better service to our customers.



Implementing production automation systems reduce human error with integrated technology to enhance optimize quality and quantity production.

Our Value



Integrity means telling the truth and keeping our words for treating our customers with fairness and respect. This value is one of our most cherished assets and must not be compromised as the guiding principle of doing business.



Commitment means is our promise to do our business, that’s why we will continue and maintain to provide the best services to our customers as long as possible.



In our mutual thoughts, quality is not just about offering our product or services that exceeds the standard. But it is also about our company reputation to consistently deliver our customer’s experience. That is “Core Value”



Innovation means our company inventing, development and implementation for our new or existing product to increasing efficiency and effectiveness for processing and deliver our product to provide the best customer’s services satisfactory experiences.



KASTARA is transparent and there are no bad surprises with us. Communication with our customers is second to none and all costs or possible issues are fully communicated to our customers/partners.



Accountability refers to the responsibility of an Kastara entity for effectively managing corporate resources, including natural resources. This involves reporting to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in corporate management practices.


24/7 Support

We provide continuous assistance available at any time, day or night, without interruption. It signifies a commitment to providing round-the-clock customer service and assistance, including weekends and holidays.



Technology means we would like to bring technology start from harvest, cleaning, processing, and distributing to our client in domestic and international

Our Team

Muhammad Adzani

CEO, Founder, Kastara Group Indonesia.

Thariq Ramzie

Co-Founder, Kastara Group Indonesia.

Rizqullah Akbar

Director, Kastara Group Indonesia.

Bagus Wirawan

Operational, Kastara Group Indonesia.