We Are

PT. Kastara Group Indonesia

Kastara Agribusiness which is the main business of PT. Kastara Group Indonesia is a business entity operating in the agricultural processed products sector. Currently, our company is working with farmers and commodity collectors in the form of coffee beans, cashew nuts, soybeans and others.

Our company was founded in early 2022 and is also supported by farmers who are experienced in their fields (whose credibility can be justified by the local government) to process our best products to be completed according to our clients’ requests as well. The aim of our company is to develop and prosper our local farmers to maximize agricultural potential for the future. It is possible that we will develop and collaborate with other farmers in order to provide a variety of other commodities with the aim of entering a wider global market.


  • Become a trusted international scale domestic company to develop and introduce local Indonesian products


  • Maintain and increase our clients’ trust to provide good service with optimal quality and quantity
  • Creating jobs to help and improve the Indonesian economy

  • Maintaining our values ​​and ethics internally and externally to our company

COMPANY VALUEs and principals


Integrity means telling the truth and keeping our company's word to treat our customers fairly and with respect. This value is one of our most valuable assets and should not be compromised as a guiding principle in business.


Commitment means our promise to run our business, that's why we will continue and maintain to provide the best service to our customers as long as possible.


In our collective thinking, quality is not just about offering our products or services that exceed standards. But it's also about our company's reputation for consistently delivering on our customer experience. Those are the “Core Values”.


Innovation means our company discovers, develops and implements new or existing products to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our product processing and delivery to provide the best, most satisfying customer service experience.


KASTARA is transparent and there are no bad surprises with us. Communication with our customers is second to none and all costs or potential issues are fully communicated to our customers/partners.


KASTARA is responsible for company management to handle natural resources, reporting to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.